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Learning,to Unlearn

I was lazily surfing my newsfeed when this video caught my attention study session this video shows a mother is force teaching her daughter..people are m a making all kinds of comments on it..some even have the audacity to find the video "cute" and entertaining!!

The sight of that child wailing and crying and trying to remember simple counting brought back memories flooding back to my mind of a friend who had to go through to the same ordeal. I was among the cool kids who would spend a good one hour at a task and there you used to be etched in my memory, when teachers would ask  us about the task we would raise our hands up  high to answer the question and get some brownie points...but there in the corner would be my buddy...the uncool one. The one who would sink in the back benches to escape the wrath of the teacher who would miss no chance to sham that poor kid in-front of twenty others just because to her things didn't come as easy as they did to us.

She would confide in me ,when after school I would drift away from my nerdy bunch of friends, to her the 8 hours at the school was plain torture and it didn’t end there. At home even no one understood her. Her own mother, the one who gave her birth would hurl things at her when she would mutter the wrong answer to something that even her younger sibling would answer correctly. Her elder sister, who was known  to be the shining star of the family would teach her and that teaching episode would all end in a big fight as my friend, my confidante would not come up to the standards that our educational system has put in place.

Today when I stand at my lectures I try  my best to talk to these students who try to avoid me..and by talk I mean talk and not sham them...I try to make them comfortable...make them understand that there is no right and wrong in this world!...Thank you,  my friend for making me understand that its not where the fault resided..its the system which is at fault....we shouldn't care who clinches the Gold or the Silver...rather we should see what they really learned out of it..

Not to say that GPA's and class positions won’t matter...they should matter and they are rightly there as everyone needs motivation and lauding to perform even better...but then don’t you think that in a class of twenty everyone makes and effort...effort that differs from person to person… effort that does require a few words of appreciation if nothing else! 

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