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When Karachi Met Kashmir

It was a fateful day of February the twelfth when two people hailing from backgrounds as diverse as day and night had a meet-cute...( I call it this, as to me those 60 minutes were as transient as a mere 60 seconds..someone said it right..when you are having a good time,time sure flies!)

I,Sadaf Zahid back then, always considered my self as a Big City girl,fast paced,shrewd..looking for big opportunities...successful and established people impressed me..and that was exactly what I was fishing out for,in my to-be. But fate had other plans in store.I met my, The-One a complete opposite of what I had in mind. He wasn't dressed in a suit, too ironed to not let him ease up (lol I had my eyes out for a Mr Harvey Spector heheh), His tie wasn't there on his neck,so stiff and crisp that it made him choke..His cologne didn't sweep me off my feet took its sweet time to work its magic...

My Mr Perfect was far from the picture perfect guy that I had in mind. He belonged to a place of which I knew very little other than the fact that it was the land of beauty(we Karachites are very good at being severely myopic!)...he sported a casual jacket,a small grin (that I highlighted his dimple,the best feature of him!), his eyes shined behind those police glasses the minute he saw me enter the Cafe Gallery of Tate Modern,,,,he had a strange ease about him that made me melt inside and made me keen to get to know him more...

It wasn't at all like the cliche'd first meetings..,,the cafe was buzzing with activity..some school had an excursion trip to the museum that day and it was raining kids to be honest! but we were totally zoned out amidst all this hustle bustle...we had the perfect spot..that overlooked the St Paul's Cathedral. We both sat there looking at each other..the view outside..passing some sheepish grins..and managing a good conversation..we were an instant hit! (P.s. I was paying quite some attention to his looks....which has made me forget the convo complete..)

Life sure is uncertain...sometimes it meanders away from the path we have envisioned for it.Sometimes we choose a different course of lives for ourselves....discovering ourselves and questioning our own ideals.

I see many girls today turning down proposals...common complains are

  • the guy had no hair man! can I lead a life looking at the bald man every morning?(and then the mothers go on saying that beta..baal jaein gey to maal aaye ga )
  • Then there is the classic case of the guy not being established in his career...ami his pay is lesser than mine for god sakes!
  • Sometimes the guy is perfect but he has got 4 evil sisters and oh! the poor girl cannot at all deal with the evil sister in law syndrome!!
  • The guy isn't sound monetarily...Ami he cannot afford me a Bunto Kazmi dress on my big day!..Yeh to mera right bunta hai...I have dreamt about it all my life!!
  • and lastly...the guy has a big bank balance but isn't as educated as the girl...for she wants him to have the same IQ has her..I personally know of families who give away their daughters to just A graders ...(next time keep all your results handy, boys!)

All these people exist among us...and these discussions are part of the everyday table talk but my point today is that marriage is a lot about understanding each other,,its about not trying to become a perfect individual rather a perfect team..sometimes the ideals that we have in mind need to be forgotten...maybe there is someone, a stark opposite looking out to surprise you...its all about giving each other a chance...getting out of one's comfort zone,letting go off  and taking that leap...the leap of fate...!

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