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Just like the year gone by,I sat down again staring at this blank white space which always makes me jot down all that I ponder...I witnessed yet another 14th of August..yet another day of jubilation, girls dressed in green, boys eagerly blowing vuvuzelas...people swaying to our evergreen mili nagamey... fighter jets hovering around our heads doing the fly past coloring the sky green and white...but even today,amidst all this festivity...I felt hollow... 

I wanted my two year old to learn that it was Pakistan's birthday today (which learnt pretty easily), I was trying to muster all my pride and transfer the same to her by showing how amazing we as a nation are, but I kept questioning myself if we really are that great.....

We are the people who saw news of the Quetta attack just days before the 14th of August, we are the ones who heard about the valor of the Major who embraced martyrdom while tracing terrorists in Malakand, we are the same nation who witnessed the attack at Arfa towers in Lahore roughly 15 days ago...can such people in their sane minds ever smile and dance for being independent?.trust  me we are far from being independent....

 I believe that we have forgotten and unlearned our basic instinct of being human...we have stopped caring about our blood...all we care about is a day off,some family time and yes Azadi sales that  these avid marketers keep pushing towards us. Today, when I saw Margalla road flooded with cars, I kept asking myself this very question, " Where were all these people when we lost 15 soldiers in Quetta, where were they when my Jawans were fighting in the mountains of Malakand.? or when a busy office building in Lahore was put under attack

We were programmed by God to sense both the good and the bad..then where has that instinct gone?..shouldn't we flood our roads to at least pay an ode to the people who lay down their lives for us?..I believe their sacrifices weren't meant to be mere editions to our history books...

This day lets resolute...that we will try caring more...get that human instinct back forget about the fireworks and the bhangras .... we are a nation that's under attack by both internal and external forces..all this festivity can wait....for now there is simple no reason to be festive about...

  • fragmented politics , 
  • dying soldiers , 
  • sold out , polarised , confused media , non performing government ,
  • hands off bureaucracy , insecure police , 
  • struggling honest , smug liars ... 
What more do we need to open our eyes..awaken us from our slumber?!

P.S.The Chinese Vice prime and Chinese flags along side my green and white has left a bad after taste to this festivity..all hail to our Corrupt Leaders and Us, the naive followers!!

This is what I need on this day to ease my nerves....Winds of Change-The Scorpians

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